Rules And Regulations

Allocation of Rooms


Management will decide & allot rooms to the students.
Inter-Exchange of rooms once allotted shall not be accepted.


Maintenance of Rooms


Students should not drive nails, screws etc. into the walls or doors. No posters/charts/formulas should be put up anywhere in the rooms or lobbies.
Students should not damage the room paint by oil stains, ink, marks or dirty hands/ toes.


Charges for any damage to the property as well as to the furniture and fixtures caused by student's negligence will be recovered from the student staying in the room and may be deducted from security amount.


 It will be the student's responsibility to get the room cleaned daily by the house keeping staff.


Lock and Key


Students should keep proper care of their valuable/belongings and should keep them securely under lock & key.

Hostel authorities do not hold themselves responsible for the safe custody of the valuables, if any of students staying in the Hostel.

Hostel authorities will not be held liable for any loss of personal belongings of the students such as money, laptop, mobile phone, etc.


In-Out Timings


Students have to Mark In-Out Entry in Register/ Biometric Machine at the main gate/entrance every time they enter or leave the Hostel.

Every student should report in Hostel by 9 PM. Attendance will be taken after 10 PM by Hostel in-charge. If student wants to stay out after the set timings owing to any special reason, he must obtain prior permission from Hostel- in-charge.

Students will not enter into rooms of the other students after 10 PM.

Students reporting after 10 PM will be entered into the hostel only after speaking to their parents.




Every Student shall keep his room neat & clean. Student should take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to him. The Hostel authorities have the right to enter and inspect the room at any time.

Mattress should be always covered with bed sheet. If not, penalty may be charged.


Behavior Attitude


Every student should be polite with the Hostel Staff and should not use the services of the Hostel staff for personal work, even on payment.

All matters relating to difference among students or complains about the Hostel staff, if any  should be brought to the notice of Hostel in-charge, who will take such appropriate action as may be necessary.

No police complaint will be lodged by students against fellow student or hostel staff before taking prior permission from the Hostel in-charge.

Any Student found misbehaving, will be expelled from the Hostel immediately. The room rent/ security deposit of such defaulting student may be forfeited.

No music system is allowed in Hostel.

No Celebrations shall be organized by students in hostel premises without prior permission from Hostel-in-charge.


Medical Issues


Hostel Maintains Basic First Aid Kit for its residents. However, in case of any medical emergency, the student will be taken to the nearby hospital. All the medical expenses will have to be borne by the student.

Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the Hostel in-charge.

We strongly advise the parents/students to inform the Hostel in-charge about major allergy or illness or disease, if any about the student well in advance.


Food Items


Food items from mess or outside the mess are not allowed in the rooms. However, packed food (such as chips, biscuits, nuts, etc.) and fruits are allowed keeping in mind the room cleanliness.

No cutlery will be provided from the Hostel. Student should bring their own cutlery i.e. glass, cups, spoon, flask, plate, etc. if required by them.

Delivery of outside packed food after 10 PM strictly not allowed.


Alcohol, Smoking and Non-Vegetarian Food


Consumption or Possession of Alcohol, Cigarette or any other intoxicating material is strictly prohibited. Consuming of NON-VEG within hostel premises is also prohibited.

Student found consuming any of above will be expelled & security may be forfeited.

Student entering the Hostel in an inebriated condition will have to face stern disciplinary action.


Guest Room


Parents/Guardians can stay in the Hostel Guest Room on payment of nominal charge. Guest Room accommodation includes all meals for 2 persons. Reservations are Subject to availability.

Any single parent can stay in student room itself with the charge of Rs. 500 per day for maximum 3 days.

Parents are not allowed to enter in other students’ room.


Payment of Monthly Charges


Student should deposit their monthly charges (Room Rent) in advance strictly from 1st to 5th of every month. Delay due to any reason carries a fine of 100/- per day.

Security deposit equal to one month rent will be taken during the admission process which will not be adjusted in last month rent but shall be refunded at the end of stay.

Leaving the hostel on any date of the month would be chargeable for full month. Rent will not be adjusted on per day basis.

Student should claim refund of their security only after completion of entire course. However, amount will be deducted for any broken/ damaged item in the premises from the security amount.

Electricity charge of the room is payable as per digital electric meter reading as per actual consumption on monthly basis.

Service Tax or Any other tax levied by government at any stage will have to be paid by the Student.




Any Cycle/Bike of the student should be parked in suggested way and the Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any theft or damage.


General Rules


The management reserves its right to expel any student without citing any reason.

In all matters concerning the hostel administration, the decision of the management will be final.

Economy is use of electricity and water must be practiced by each and every student. Lights and fans must be switched off when not in use.

Student must be decently dressed when outside their rooms.

Visitors / relatives / friends can meet the student at the reception lobby only.

Whether the student takes any meal or not, the standard room charges will be payable in full.

Electrical and other appliance are not permitted in the room. Any equipment, if found, will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be charged.

No outsiders like vendors, tailors, etc. will be allowed to enter in room/ hostel.

The management may change or amend any of the rules at any point of time without any prior notice.

In case of any change in tariff rates of rooms, the same shall be intimated well in advance.

No cash should be given to any hostel staff without proper receipt.


Services Provided


Well Furnished room (Bed, Cupboard, Study Table, Chair, Side-table, Book-Shelf, etc.)

Electrical Appliances:- AC & Geyser. Refrigerator is optional.

Laundry services will be provided. (5 clothes per visit)

Daily housekeeping services will be provided.

All meals shall be served as per specified time and menu in the dining hall.


Services Excluded


Student should get their own Blankets/Quilts, Bed Sheet, Pillow Cover, etc.

Electricity is not included in the Monthly Rent.

Terrace is not available to any student.